Got Questions?
Listing your home on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,® and hundreds more sites is a “must” for any serious seller, and our simple process will save you time and money. Give your property maximum exposure to local buyers while saving thousands in commissions!

What Is the MLS?
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a cooperative database which allows professional Realtors® to share information about real estate for sale. It’s the most powerful marketing tool for a homeowner to sell their home. It’s only available to Realtors® and not to the public. In the past, the only way to get your home on this powerful list was to hire a full commission agent because only licensed real estate agents can list property for sale in the MLS, but the Realtors® at Small Fee Realty are opening up this tool to Home Sellers for a Small Fee instead of a Huge Commission.

Why do I Need to be listed in the MLS?
Over 85% of homes are sold through the MLS in Arkansas and 4 out of 5 buyers use the MLS to find a home. Selling a home on the MLS exposes your home to thousands of online views.

What is the Role of the Listing Agent?
Only licensed real estate agents can place homes in the MLS. Our Realtors® will prepare the paperwork and place your home in the MLS and give you full representation throughout the process of selling your home.

Who Handles the Paperwork?
All the necessary listing forms will be provided by your Realtor®. All of the paperwork necessary to create a legally binding sales contract, property disclosures and any other addendums will be provided by and reviewed by your Realtor® throughout the selling process.

How Many People Will See My Listing?
Just like any agent-sponsored listing, an MLS listing will receive free national exposure on over 900 plus real estate websites. For example® website will have a description of your property with color photos. These website are open to the public and are the most heavily trafficked real estate websites on the internet. Only properties listed in the MLS can appear on In addition, MLS listings are featured on Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo!®, and MSN® and over 900 other real estate websites that attract millions of potential buyers. The best part is that your listing will now be available on local Real Estate Brokerage sites where most of our local buyers are already searching for homes.